Genital tattooing before the face wannabe tattooed men rant.

June 27th, 2012

Matt Gone nobody does genitals. All these dickless fools getting in the media with face ink, but no full gential-anal-seamelss motherfucker!!!! solid underwear on the the bodysuit. Getting you dick tattooed makes a man outta you. Then you be a tattooed man in the media with your face all done up right. Less chance of scribble. You don’t want a cover up on your you dick or face. Not sure which is more important not to get a cover up on? Then go on TV. You a tattooed man? Really? Whip it out motherfucker!! I thought so. I looked at your “tattooed man dick” and saw no tattooing? Guess I saw no dick either. Tattooed men had dicks last time I took a piss. Last time I took a shit and wiped my green tattooed browneye. Done 9 years before my face. Grew up a little. Saw a beach.

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