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Hello, I’m Matt Gone. I am one of the worlds most tattooed people with over 99% of my body tattooed-including my genitals and tongue. The soles of the feet are the only un-tattooed areas. 4 attempts were made. The ink did not stay in. My bodysuit is checkered, and based on the classical Harlequin pattern as shown on my lower back. Most of the tattoos have had 3-6 layers of ink tattooed into the skin. Parts of me have up to 7 layers of ink. The project was completed in October 2008 by Henry Goldfield. This is an actual completed body tattoo. Almost no one finishes.

160 artists have tattooed my body with incredibly complex designs. I have a Guinness World Record for “Most Checker Tattoos”. My full-body tattooing has been on the cover of Skin & Ink Magazine, ads for Southern Comfort, Medical Incredible on the Discovery Channel, Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep magazine, Savage Magazine, the cover of the L.A. Times, BBC TV, 700 Club, Cheri Magazine, Ripley’s Believe it or not, the list goes on. Over 500 million people have seen Matt Gone in the media as a spokesperson for the rare birth defect, Polands-Syndrome. I got tattooed to not hate my body due to rare birth defects and have been promoting this concept for 20 years in the media all over the world. I have appeared in over 34 different Countries and continue to travel.

To contact me for events or modeling, please email Matt@Mattgone.net for info.

Mattgone.net is at over 1000 pictures and growing. All kinds of strange pictures are being taken. There is a serious focus on the ART aspect of my tattooing. We must show I am as tattooed as I claim. I do NOT apologize in advance if I offend you with my unusual erotic beauty. All Adult pictures are clearly labeled, so don’t look at them if you do not want to. There are several hundred other pictures to see on Mattgone.net as well. More being added all the time

Due to the fact I am designing this website, it will be in a constant state of change. As I am.

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