Hi. My name is Matt Gone.

Since 1986 I have had over ninety-nine percent of my body tattooed into an elaborate full body design.

The central concept of this design is a checkerboard pattern.

Aside from the checkerboards, there is a large crowd scene on my legs, mythology designs such as several Phoenixes, and a full chest/arm tattoo of a chimera. I have over 150 jokes tattooed on my body as well. The checker theme is part of a Harlequin concept. The jokes add to that.

To describe the work in detail would take a very long time – and a lot of the stories are really not anyone’s business except those invoved.The tattoos are the important thing. The pictures on this site show the entire bodysuit in great detail. Pictures of tattoos on the more private parts of my body have been included in a special adult gallery because they are part of the central design of the bodysuit.

There are very few places where I am not tattooed. Only the soles of my feet remain untouched.

Before viewing the photos, please understand that I did not embark on this project for you or anyone else.I just wanted to do something nearly impossible before I die.

I was also born with birth defects called Polands-Syndrome. The tattoos hide them and make my body something I can be proud of instead of hating.

This project began full time in 1988 and has cost over $75,000 so far. $60,000 of that was earned as a Chef in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Today it would cost more than $150,000.00!

This web site is not intended to inspire. I am not a “chosen” one. A project like this can and may destroy you.

It took about 500 hours of tattoo sessions to achieve this look, including 32 sessions per year for 14 straight years.

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