I worked my ass off for 17 straight fucking years to do this! I suffered every obstacle imaginable to do this, while keeping a regular job and paying full price for my tattoos.

Artistically, I am the best goddamned full body tattoo on the face of the Earth! I’m not a single theme. There are over a hundred different artistic ideas all over my body.

My full body tattoo is not boring. I have more true art in my little finger tattoo than half of the other full body tattoos out there,

I paid $75+ thousand dollars, and 17 years of my life! It was worth it.

The pain from healing is worse than the tattooing. I spent 11 years of spending 10 months healing from tattooing on 3-5 different spots on my body at the same time.

Tattoo healing is like healing from a burn, or being a burn victim in my case. Skin area healing after skin area, only to be lacerated again later on. Most of my skin has been tattooed 3-7 layers deep. Parts of my back and right arm may have over 7 layers of tattooing. The skin is full of mutated tissue that resembles a healed burn in texture. Most of my skin now has a texture to it.

The most painful part was paying for the tattooing! I worked my ass off! Never took a day off. Never took a vacation in the entire time. 11 years alone, in New Orleans. Not a single day off.

Spending $5-7,000.00 a year on tattoos for almost 2 decades was how I paid for this project. I lived in poverty, focused on this project above anything else. This meant keeping a shitty job, and living in the filth that is New Orleans for 11 years. It meant 5 years in Arizona.

I lived in places, and worked jobs I hated, all to give %40 of my income all on the tattooing. No Disneyland. No vacations in Hawaii. no car! No nice life. No expensive social life. I had to live cheap.

Paying my rent, and my tattoo artists month, after month, without fail was all my life was about.

Every extra penny I got went to the project. Tax refunds. Inheritances. Bonus money from work. All my overtime. Never bought new clothes except shoes. Tiny 1 room apartments. Used furniture.

I was 35 when finally got my first 1 bedroom apartment. I had lived in tiny studio apartments since age 16. Usually alone.  Sex is cheap. Relationships are expensive!$!$!$!#$!@%&*

My tattooing makes me feel 10 degrees hotter than normal. the body does not sweat as much.

The ink itself attracts heat in the sun.

I wear a hat in public %99 of the time, and stop traffic at least once a week in public.

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