Over 165 thousand dollars. Over 17 years of my life. Over 400 different tattoo sessions by 75 different tattoo artists. Every extra dollar I had for 20 years of my life. This tattoo almost cost me my own life due to infections more than once.

Getting a tattoo like this is like a deal with the Devil. You give up your life for this project. It changes you into something different.

I have no idea of how much the tattooing cost. $65K is only a guess. It was probably more. These days, it would cost $150K. Tattoos are much more expensive now. I began paying $60 and hour, and never paid more than $100 an hour for any of my tattooing. It averages to about $80 an hour for most of my tattooing. 400 tattoo sessions is only a guess. It probably is more.

I spent $12K covering, and repairing $10K of Dennis + Gina Dwyer’s shitty tattooing. I was young, and went to a few bad tattoo artist early on. Dennis was such a burnt out talentless asshole, that his wife Gina tried to fix his work. She did an even worse job than him! All of their tattooing had to be redone.

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