Yes, I tattooed my genitals. I tattooed my entire cock, balls, asscrack, and asshole.

Interviewing  female tattoo artists to do the genital tattoo proved fun privately, but I decided to do the tattoo myself. If I did a bad job, I could not fire myself, or hate myself.

It took 17 tattoo sessions to complete the genital tattoo. The tattooing was much easier doing it myself. I am very happy with the results. I fixed all of the messy bits of the original tattoo. The entire “underwear” area tattooing was self-done. It looks great. The tattooing turned out much more original since I was not directing another artist, I was doing the tattoo.

Yes, it hurt! Yes, I used all kinds of drugs. Pain pills. Legal, or illegal. Many people just gave me them free since it was a genital tattoo, and not recreational use. Skin numbing agents. Even sunburn %20 benzocaine spray helped with the pain. Tattooing bent over tattooing the asscrack with my heard between my legs by mirror was the most difficult thing I ever attempted.  At times, I used 3 chairs. 2 for each leg, and one for me. I operated the machine by foot, or kept it going. Used a mirror most of the time for the tattoo.  It was a good thing I was very thin, and had done yoga for 10 years. I could do the “splits” back then. Very flexible. It was the only way the tattoo could have been done.

The tattooing took 4 years. The 17 sessions were done seasonally. Winter for the scrotum, since they kept tight fromthe cold. Never heal nutsac tattoos in a hot and humid place. The stretching will be too painful. The rest of the tattoos were done in the summer, since the humidity in my pants kept the tattooing moist during healing. You tattoo your front in summer, and the rear in the winter. It is all about healing the tattooing. That is the most painful part.

The details of the gential tattoos can be found on the GENITAL INK FACTS next down the list of galleries.

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