Here are some facts about my genital tattoos.

The checkers are rectangular, then turn checkered when I’m happy.

They turn rectangular the other direction when I’m extra happy.

It took 17 tattoo sessions to tattoo my genitals and asscrack over 4 years. I did the tattooing myself. Between each tattoo session, I dated a different woman! Had to “earn”my cock tattoo. Used to have the sections named after the girls.

The checkers are 3/4″ on the cock at rest, but they look bigger because the thigh checkers are 1″. The measurements are 4″ rectangular and bored. 7″ perfectly square checkers when happy. A little over that it turn rectangular [the other direction] when “xtra happy”. Pictures of this sequence will frighten the world forever. Someday your computer may get a virus from my penis.

In 2005, my 0ga. P.A.  circular barbell set off the metal detectors at Heathrow Airport. Everyone in London had just seen me for 3 straight days in the papers and on the BBC. I got through the place in a private escort and security lane in less than 30 minutes. Me and the other guards chased one of the cringing workers with me threatening to open my pants making a very public scene in front of everyone in the security area. I’m much more famous in London than in the USA. On Billboards and bus stop posters for years. All over Europe from 95′ to 2001. HUGE.

The outline of the original cock tattoo was destroyed by natural movements and regular friction. Light color lines now are blasted into the old outlines on the shaft. This has an illusion effect that can only be seen in person. My penis has a slight genetic natural curve to it. Very slight. Doing a straight line checker tattoo would not fit this.

-A multi-color new outline on the shaft made the tattoo fit and it made it look visibly more straight when happy. A girl could not see any curve, unless she felt it. Her eyes would see the “sparkly” color outline, and register it as straight. My penis has a moveable optical illusion when happy. Never a complaint. It looks extra “sparkly” when wet during sex as another nice added bonus. You barely see the light shaded color outlines that were redone in 98′. All the ink finally blended and aged over the years. The black got hit extra, but the color was done only once. Checkers are dark as fuck.

The scrotum tattoos took 4-6 layers of ink. My penis and balls are fully tattooed with a total of 40 checkers.  20 black checkers=20 white ones too. 4-6  layers of ink solid. Also lined with UV tattoo ink that shows on x-rays. The cock has 7 rows of horizontal checkers in 4 vertical rows. That is 28 checkers on the penis, and 12 on the entire scrotal sac. Now give this info to machinist to make an exact copy of my cock.

My asshole is tattooed solid lime green. The entire area between the rear of my scrotum is tattooed solid. Yes, I’m seamless! I walked so funny while healing.

The asshole tattoo goes internally 1/3″ my body. Hold breath, push out, tattoo the pink middle of the doughnut green, and let it retract inside. Then quietly cry to yourself in pain for 9 days of healing and a month of seasoning out. Ow. It had to season out..

Yes, I have a solid green tattooed Hemorrhoid. Yes I really do. Yes, it is there.The scrotal checkers stretch from 1/2″ when cold to about 2″ square in hot+humid weather. Did most of the scrotal tattoos during july and august in New Orleans 98′-2002′. The rear of the scrotum where it meets “runway” is the true “most painful spot to tattoo on the human body”. *I wore my GF’s silk panties when healing from scrotal tattoos because the wounds would not stick to silk. Still would rather wear a girlfriends panties than underwear. Actually, I do not wear any underwear and have not worn it since age 10. I’m freeballing…

Due to the mechanics of the tattoo, the cock is actually 5″ in diameter or more. It splits along my meatotomy that removed my P.A. piercing and scars, leaving it split on the bottom of the glans. The glans now open up  and spreads open like a butterfly.

The  first 1″ of my urethra is surgically split open and it opens up and gets wider when happy. Rubbing the inside of the head of my cock on a beautiful woman’s clitoris is just super fantastic.

The inside of my urethra had some tattooing that stuck for years. It has since almost vanished. Really surprised my doctor when he split my penis head open and found a couple of dot tattoos inside me via done my former 0ga.P.A. hole. By the way, the meatotomy goes along the checker outline. The meatotomy splits 2 checkers surgically along the outline of the tattoo.

I have had a vasectomy for 12 years. No kids ever. Usually not in a relationship, but popular anyways. Recently tested with no STD’s. Shaved genitals since age 16!

The vasectomy tattoo was done by having an explosive charge tattooed all around my pubic mound with a detonator and wires that went around the balls. The doctor drew the wires before the surgery, I tattooed them in. The doctor “defused the bomb” by surgically cutting the tattooed wires and disarming the bomb that is my genitals.

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