My face has been tattooed 27 times. 5 of those times were by Xed LeHead-who I fired from the project for being a talentless asshole who did a shitty job tattooing me. 4 times were by Sailor Cam Cook. The rest were done by Mary Jane Haake.

This page is more about why I tattooed my face, and the struggle behind it.

The face tattoo was the last tattooing on my body. I worked as a chef in New Orleans for 11 years to pay for the rest of the body tattoo. I had an agreement with my prick of an ex-boss, that I would tattoo to the final touch-up level every other spot on my body. Then, I would leave, and tattoo the face.

 I was preparing to do just that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I had my appointment to get my face tattooed 36 hours after Katrina. This pissed off my ex-boss to no end. He always said he would fire me if I got my face tattooed, and right after Katrina, he tried to hire me back! I refused.

My replacement burned down the kitchen in a month. Ha! I went to London to begin my face tattooing and never looked back.

I have worked in half a dozen other restaurants, and businesses with no issue about my face tattooing.

If anything, my tattoos get me remembered in job interviews as a person who can finish what they start.

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