Ripley’s Myrtle Beach! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – June 12, 2012

June 17th, 2012

ALL STAR TALENT INC. Presents Matt Gone to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – June 12, 2012 – All Star Talent presents Matt Gone to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium at 901 N. Ocean Blvd on Friday and Saturday June 22nd and 23rd from 5pm – 10pm. Tune in to Rock 107 and listen to an in person interview on Mad Max in the Morning on June 22nd at 8am.

Matt Gone is best known as one of the world’s most tattooed people as well as his checkered board themed tattoos. Matt has over 98% of his body tattooed including his eyes. The only places on his body which aren’t tattooed are his palms and soles of his feet. Matt began his bodysuit in 1990 and has an estimated $65,000 in tattoos. His tattoo project was completed in 2008. His full body tattooing has been featured on the cover of magazines such as LA Times, Skin & Ink, Skin Deep, Savage, Cheri, and Bizarre. Matt was also part of an international ad campaign for Southern Comfort. You may have seen him on networks such as The discovery Channel and on programs like Medical Incredible and Ripley’s television show.

Matt Gone was born with a rare birth defect called Poland Syndome which causes undeveloped or absent muscles on one side of the body. He began tattooing himself in an attempt to be proud of his body instead of hating it. Matt uses his tattooed image to raise awareness to the public about Poland Syndrome.

You will have the opportunity to meet Matt Gone in person at RIPLEY’S BELIEVE OR NOT at 901 N. Ocean Blvd on Friday and Saturday June 22nd and 23rd from 5pm – 10pm. Matt will be in front of Ripley’s providing FREE pictures, autographs and meet & greet.

Genital tattooing before the face wannabe tattooed men rant.

June 27th, 2012

Matt Gone nobody does genitals. All these dickless fools getting in the media with face ink, but no full gential-anal-seamelss motherfucker!!!! solid underwear on the the bodysuit. Getting you dick tattooed makes a man outta you. Then you be a tattooed man in the media with your face all done up right. Less chance of scribble. You don’t want a cover up on your you dick or face. Not sure which is more important not to get a cover up on? Then go on TV. You a tattooed man? Really? Whip it out motherfucker!! I thought so. I looked at your “tattooed man dick” and saw no tattooing? Guess I saw no dick either. Tattooed men had dicks last time I took a piss. Last time I took a shit and wiped my green tattooed browneye. Done 9 years before my face. Grew up a little. Saw a beach.


Hi. My name is Matt Gone.

Since 1986 I have had over ninety-nine percent of my body tattooed into an elaborate full body design.

The central concept of this design is a checkerboard pattern.

Aside from the checkerboards, there is a large crowd scene on my legs, mythology designs such as several Phoenixes, and a full chest/arm tattoo of a chimera. I have over 150 jokes tattooed on my body as well. The checker theme is part of a Harlequin concept. The jokes add to that.

To describe the work in detail would take a very long time – and a lot of the stories are really not anyone’s business except those invoved.The tattoos are the important thing. The pictures on this site show the entire bodysuit in great detail. Pictures of tattoos on the more private parts of my body have been included in a special adult gallery because they are part of the central design of the bodysuit.

There are very few places where I am not tattooed. Only the soles of my feet remain untouched.

Before viewing the photos, please understand that I did not embark on this project for you or anyone else.I just wanted to do something nearly impossible before I die.

I was also born with birth defects called Polands-Syndrome. The tattoos hide them and make my body something I can be proud of instead of hating.

This project began full time in 1988 and has cost over $75,000 so far. $60,000 of that was earned as a Chef in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Today it would cost more than $150,000.00!

This web site is not intended to inspire. I am not a “chosen” one. A project like this can and may destroy you.

It took about 500 hours of tattoo sessions to achieve this look, including 32 sessions per year for 14 straight years.


Welcome to

Hello, I’m Matt Gone. I am one of the worlds most tattooed people with over 99% of my body tattooed-including my genitals and tongue. The soles of the feet are the only un-tattooed areas. 4 attempts were made. The ink did not stay in. My bodysuit is checkered, and based on the classical Harlequin pattern as shown on my lower back. Most of the tattoos have had 3-6 layers of ink tattooed into the skin. Parts of me have up to 7 layers of ink. The project was completed in October 2008 by Henry Goldfield. This is an actual completed body tattoo. Almost no one finishes.

160 artists have tattooed my body with incredibly complex designs. I have a Guinness World Record for “Most Checker Tattoos”. My full-body tattooing has been on the cover of Skin & Ink Magazine, ads for Southern Comfort, Medical Incredible on the Discovery Channel, Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep magazine, Savage Magazine, the cover of the L.A. Times, BBC TV, 700 Club, Cheri Magazine, Ripley’s Believe it or not, the list goes on. Over 500 million people have seen Matt Gone in the media as a spokesperson for the rare birth defect, Polands-Syndrome. I got tattooed to not hate my body due to rare birth defects and have been promoting this concept for 20 years in the media all over the world. I have appeared in over 34 different Countries and continue to travel.

To contact me for events or modeling, please email for info. is at over 1000 pictures and growing. All kinds of strange pictures are being taken. There is a serious focus on the ART aspect of my tattooing. We must show I am as tattooed as I claim. I do NOT apologize in advance if I offend you with my unusual erotic beauty. All Adult pictures are clearly labeled, so don’t look at them if you do not want to. There are several hundred other pictures to see on as well. More being added all the time

Due to the fact I am designing this website, it will be in a constant state of change. As I am.




I worked my ass off for 17 straight fucking years to do this! I suffered every obstacle imaginable to do this, while keeping a regular job and paying full price for my tattoos.

Artistically, I am the best goddamned full body tattoo on the face of the Earth! I’m not a single theme. There are over a hundred different artistic ideas all over my body.

My full body tattoo is not boring. I have more true art in my little finger tattoo than half of the other full body tattoos out there,

I paid $75+ thousand dollars, and 17 years of my life! It was worth it.

The pain from healing is worse than the tattooing. I spent 11 years of spending 10 months healing from tattooing on 3-5 different spots on my body at the same time.

Tattoo healing is like healing from a burn, or being a burn victim in my case. Skin area healing after skin area, only to be lacerated again later on. Most of my skin has been tattooed 3-7 layers deep. Parts of my back and right arm may have over 7 layers of tattooing. The skin is full of mutated tissue that resembles a healed burn in texture. Most of my skin now has a texture to it.

The most painful part was paying for the tattooing! I worked my ass off! Never took a day off. Never took a vacation in the entire time. 11 years alone, in New Orleans. Not a single day off.

Spending $5-7,000.00 a year on tattoos for almost 2 decades was how I paid for this project. I lived in poverty, focused on this project above anything else. This meant keeping a shitty job, and living in the filth that is New Orleans for 11 years. It meant 5 years in Arizona.

I lived in places, and worked jobs I hated, all to give %40 of my income all on the tattooing. No Disneyland. No vacations in Hawaii. no car! No nice life. No expensive social life. I had to live cheap.

Paying my rent, and my tattoo artists month, after month, without fail was all my life was about.

Every extra penny I got went to the project. Tax refunds. Inheritances. Bonus money from work. All my overtime. Never bought new clothes except shoes. Tiny 1 room apartments. Used furniture.

I was 35 when finally got my first 1 bedroom apartment. I had lived in tiny studio apartments since age 16. Usually alone.  Sex is cheap. Relationships are expensive!$!$!$!#$!@%&*

My tattooing makes me feel 10 degrees hotter than normal. the body does not sweat as much.

The ink itself attracts heat in the sun.

I wear a hat in public %99 of the time, and stop traffic at least once a week in public.